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Help Support Celiac Society

It is our goal to provide the information and resources contained in this site free of charge to anyone who wants it. But, it does cost us to keep it up and running. Celiac Society is not an official non-profit organization, we are just looking for donations to help keep the site active and full of information.

You can help support Celiac Society in any number of ways:

1) Donate to the Celiac Society thru Pay Pal.

Using Pay Pal allows us to keep our costs down by not having to pay for a 3rd party credit card processor. Pay Pal is a free service.

2) Advertise with us.

We are in the process of setting up online ads (on-page ads only. No pop-ups, ever) for companies or individuals who have products and/or services related to Celiacs or gluten-free living. For more information on supporting the Celiac Society by purchasing an ad, please contact Brian Jennings or use our email form.

Thank you for your support.
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