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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are other sites that list products as gluten free but your list show the item as containing gluten. Which is correct?

A: We like to err on the side of caution. If a company cannot 100% guarantee that their product is gluten free, we will not mark it as such. For example, most Frito Lay products are gluten free (by ingredient) but the line they are manufactured on could contain gluten, thus causing cross contamination. We try to provide enough detailed information about the product to let you make your own decisions.

Q: I didn't find a product I searched for in your gluten free list. How can I find out if it is gluten free?

A: There are a lot of companies today that do not provide lists of products that are gluten free. But, they do provide accurate ingredients listings. So, we've included those companies in our Manufacturer Comments section of the site. You can view the information we received from a manufacturer to help decide if a product is gluten free or not.

Q: How accurate is your information?

A: Each product has a date attached to it. That date is the last time we reviewed and updated the information. Unfortunately, manufacturers change their ingredients from time to time so it is always wise to check the ingredients list on the product each time. Our list serves as a guide to point you in the right direction. If you see a product on our site that may not be correct, please let us know by sending us a email.

Q: I am wondering if a product is gluten free. Who can I ask?

If we do not have the product listed on our site or the manufacturer is not listed, you can check if a product is gluten free a number of ways. Most products have the company/manufacturer name as well as a contact phone number on the package. The easiest way is to call the manufacturer and ask. You can also search on the internet for the manufacturer and see if they have a website. The website will either list gluten free information or will provide you with a contact form where you can ask.

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have the resources to research individual requests for products.

Q: What is the Celiac Society's Shopping List for?

We provide the shopping list as a tool for shopping. As you search for gluten free items in our site, you can add then to your shopping list so when you are ready to go shopping, you simply need to print it out and take it with you. No more having to remember what is gluten free or having to write down each item. You can also save your list if you aren't ready to go shopping right away.

Q: Other sites charge for the features you offer for free, how come?

It is our goal to increase awareness and support for people with Celiac disease or those who need to maintain a gluten-free diet. We don't believe you should be charged a fee just to see if something is gluten-free or not.

Have a question that wasn't answered above? Send us an email.

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