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Our Story

Celiac Society was born in 2004 when our then two year old daughter, Maddie was diagnosed with celiac disease via blood test and biopsy. Maddie's diagnosis came relatively easy as she is a first degree relative to the disease - - I ( Megan) was diagnosed with dermatitus herpetiformis in 1994. Following Maddie's diagnosis, my entire family underwent testing (as recommended by Maddie's GI). Sure enough, both my mom and brother tested positive. The summer of 2004 became the "summer of celiac" in our family, and all of sudden, it became clear that there were very few resources available to newly diagnosed people and their families. I shared the knowledge I had from the ten years I had the disease, but admittedly, my diet had been pretty limited because I chose to memorize a few gluten-free foods and labels and eat from there. Once my two year old was diagnosed, I realized this was not going to be sufficient.

Feeling overwhelmed, my husband, Brian, and I decided that what we need is an easy to use system that informs people (ourselves included) about celiac disease and provides tools to make eating, cooking, socializing and shopping as easy as possible. Brian, with his technical background, built this site which continues to grow everyday. Features like the "printable shopping list" and "comments from the manufactures" have made finding gluten-free foods much easier. Brian uses his Blackberry to access this information wherever we are (email him for a "how to"). We envision that one day Maddie, too, will be "wired" with this information and will be able to have a healthy and safe social life because of it.

We are volunteers and contact manufacturers and add to the site in our free time (often VERY late at night!). We welcome your feedback and hope that this site helps you in your quest to learn about celiac disease and gluten-free living.

** Brian is a computer engineer in Tacoma, Washington. Megan is a former school principal now at home. Megan was diagnosed with dermatitus herpetiformis in 1994. Maddie is a healthy, active seven year old who handles celiac disease like a champ.

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