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Printable Shopping List

The Celiac Society's printable shopping list will allow you to search for gluten free foods before you go shopping and add them to a list that you can then print and take with you. No longer will you have to write down which items are gluten free or have to trust your memory.

In order to use the list, you must register. Registration is quick and painless. We only ask for you for you email, name and a password. That's it.

Adding items to your list
Once you have registered (and are logged in) you will see a red plus (Add to Shopping List) next to gluten free items when you search for products using any of our product search tools (Ingredient & Food, Manufacturer or Category). Simply click the red plus and the product will be added to your list.

Don't worry, your list is saved. Anything you save to your list will remain on that list, so as you search for items feel free to add them even if you aren't going shopping right away.

The Shopping List is provided to you as a tool to help you shop gluten free. The Celiac Society is not selling you any items you add to your list.

View printable shopping listView Printable Version of my Shopping List

Current Shopping List:

You must be registered and logged in to use this tool.

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