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We have: 3106 gluten-free products
31 restaurants with gluten-free menu items
82 manufacturer's comments

Welcome to Celiac Society's website. We are a volunteer organization working to provide the latest information and resources for gluten-free living and coping with celiac disease. Our site hosts many features including a list of approximately 3,000 mainstream gluten-free products and printer-friendly allergy alert cards for dining out. Also, we have a feature that allows browsers to create a printable shopping list while searching our gluten-free lists - - makes trips to the grocery store a bit easier. Enjoy the site!

The mission of the Celiac Society is to raise awareness about Celiac Disease and to make accessible current information regarding the gluten-free lifestyle.

Attend a local Celiac Society in your town or city? Tell us about it so others can attend.

Are you part of a local Celiac Society? Tell us and we'll spread the word for you. We've received emails from people asking about local places to meet and we'd like to tell them about yours. Just contact us and we'll list it on our website.

Be sure to include the city and state (or country, if outside the US) along with any contact information (phone, email, website).

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